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An appropriate opportunity would be the six weeks which follow the completion of AS examinations but other opportunities will be available, especially where schools and colleges are not entering their students for AS. Schools and colleges will differ in how they approach NEA and this may be dependent upon whether:.

Independent critical study: Texts across time

These approaches are equally valid and take account of the different contexts in which schools and colleges will be working. What is important is that each approach recognises that a degree of autonomy in student text and task choice is required. Ideally a range of differentiated texts and tasks will be seen across a submission for this component. That said, students will choose their texts and shape their tasks with your support and you will be supported by your NEA advisor and the following offers you some guidance on how to help your students make these choices.

Connecting two texts on a common theme means choosing two texts which maximise opportunities for writing about both similarities and differences.

Aqa English Coursework

Whilst the only date requirement is that one text must be written pre, the component title 'Texts across time' indicates that effective comparison and contrast occurs when the same theme is explored in two texts separated by a significant period of time; here the different contexts of production will inform the similarities and differences in approach taken by the writers to the chosen theme and students will have encountered this diachronic approach in component 1, Love through the ages.

This is particularly pertinent if students choose two texts from the same genre poetry, prose, drama. If, however, students are interested in writing about atheme within a clearly defined time period, it is advisable to consider how the study of texts from different genres will open up discussion of similarities and differences. Students will encounter this synchronic approach in component 2: Texts in shared contexts, and exemplar student response A is an excellent example of the successful connection of a prose and drama text, written within twenty five years of each other, from the Victorian period.

When supporting students with their choice of texts, therefore, the following guidance is useful:. If students are struggling to identify a thematic topic area of interest to them, or texts for study, the specification offers suggestions of themes page 20 and, as at least one of the texts must have been written pre, of pre texts pages This is by no means an exhaustive list and it should be emphasised that students are free to develop their own interests from their independent reading.

Important Dates

The exemplar NEA responses, however, show how these suggestions might be taken as a starting point and then developed with a more clearly defined focus. Other such combinations to consider as a starting point might include:.

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What these suggestions provide, therefore, is a way for students to begin thinking about the NEA and student autonomy should always be encouraged. What is clear, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives AOs , is that the task must allow access to them all.

Students should be familiar with this concept by the time they approach the NEA as all AOs are tested in all questions in the examined components 1 and 2. Exemplar student response A is a good example of how access to all AOs is enabled by the task and the moderator commentary explains how the AOs have been addressed by the student.

If you are drawing more than one graph then don't just use a bar or pie graph experiment with more complex graphs. Explain what each way you have presented your results shows you.

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If there is an unusual result explain clearly why this could be, again using clear examples. If you notice a pattern explain it clearly with examples and try testing the pattern on other results. In other words, the marks you will get for your paper will make a significant contribution to your overall grade.

Recent research suggests that many students prefer coursework over conventional examinations as they offer a chance for students to show their academic capacities outside the tense and high-pressure environment of the exam room.

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In this way, this type of paper is ideal for students who may not perform optimally in exams. However, evidence also shows that the ample time available for completing English coursework, compared to the limited available during exams, can give students a false sense of security.

Rather, coursework can be just as challenging as exams, just in ways that are quite different, coupled with the fact that, given the ample time provided for completion, higher standards are often expected. For these reasons, producing high-quality coursework requires careful research and planning, as well as strong data-gathering and paper writing skills. In this article, we explore some tips for producing excellent coursework, with recommendations ranging from planning to proofreading, as well as what to consider before seeking help with GCSE English coursework.

However, it is important to note that the objectives of each individual coursework tend to vary from one subject to another, though there is often a general on the need for the student to carry out independent research based on a unique topic.

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This type of assignment often takes the shape of an extended essay, where the student is given a set of themes or texts to explore. The student could choose a format with which to approach the paper, such as comparison between texts. In this respect, the coursework takes the form of sort of investigation.