Climate change essay competition 2013

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The five selected essays are presented below. You can comment and discuss each submission at the bottom of each essay page. The blogging discussion portion of this competition will continue through Oct.

Winners are to be announced Nov. The ASDC specializes in atmospheric data that is important to understanding the causes and processes of global climate change and the consequences of human activities on the climate.

Essay on Climate change and Global warming - Green Clean Guide

One of the factors that led to enlightenment and the transformation of European nations from feudal societies to industrialized market economies was the standardization of the bushel size. The bushel was used as an instrument of exploitation by the feudal class. Nobody knew exactly how much a bushel was.

Climate Change Essay Contest

Sometimes it was filled up to the brim, sometimes a lot more. Bushels of similar volume but greater base area would contain even more wheat when filled, compared to bushels with smaller base areas. The actual bushel size depended entirely on the whim of the feudal buyer and was used to subtly control prices.

And what was bushel size but information; the awareness of a certain fact that a critical mass of humanity seemed to agree on.

Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition On Climate Change And Equity

Expansion of oil palm plantations in Indonesia has contributed to a total forest loss of about 8 million hectares over the past 25 years. This year, we expect more than 1, interested students from countries to get involved in this exciting contest.

We hope students will take this opportunity to contribute to the energy discourse and help to ensure that the global agenda for sustainable energy becomes a reality. All submitted essays will automatically be evaluated for the global and regional awards. The awards consist of two global winners and five regional winners.

To see in which region your country resides, please check out our FAQ. Contest winners will receive their awards and have the opportunity to present their creative approaches towards building a sustainable energy future at the GEI Global Conference on Sustainable Energy Future, which will be held in Airfare and accommodation will be covered.

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