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So if you normally write 1 an intro 2 paras agreeing with the question 3 paras arguing against the question 4 a conclusion this could work here as well. Or you can find a new structure. The important thing is that you simply have to include more than one text in each paragraph. Para 1: Explore how Carter, Duffy and Shakespeare present mothers — women using their feminine qualities, which supports the question.

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Para 2: Do any of the characters rid themselves of feminine qualities within these works? What are feminine qualities?

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You could talk about Beatrice compared to Little Red Cap and The Bloody Chamber — each possesses a violence not usually attributed to women. So does this argue against the question? Argue that the question itself needs adapting. Study resources Family guide University advice. Log in Sign up. Find a tutor How it works Prices Resources. Sign up. How should I write a comparative essay for English A level? How do I write a comparative essay for English? Answered by Tilly N. Need help with English Literature? Find a tutor.

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I don't want to put the exact question I'm using online, but that should be enough information to understand my predicament. I wrote a long section on the first novel, and then a long section on the second novel. Then I wrote a few more paragraphs tying together the two sections. I was thinking about writing about some of the differences between the two despite the similarity that my research question highlights , particularly due to the different backgrounds of the authors, but I'm kind of at a loss.

I can't come up with anything substantial to write. So does anyone have any general ideas about what types of things to include in a comparative literature extended essay?

How To Write A Comparative Analysis Essay, with Outline

Or if someone is willing to talk privately with me about my specific question, that would be extremely helpful too! Well the EE is technically a research paper and I'm not sure if you've structured it that way - it sounds as if you've just written it like you'd write any old essay. Also, for something like English Lit. That suggests either your analysis is extremely superficial or your question is bad.

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Really very bad if you've not even managed to write half as much again as for a WL essay And also, if your question has been somehow written such that you only talk about similarities, it's definitely a bad one. That sort of thing. Also it's okay to post your essay title, by the way You don't get done for plagiarism just posting it online - obviously posting the content is a bad move, but the title is fine.

Generally EEs are structured into sub-sections. You want to look at different elements of your argument.

How to start a good comparative essay – tips

So for instance say that Author 1 portrays the social standing random theme I picked of the characters via the way he has written their individual dialogue to express their accent and vocabulary, you'd have a sub-section about dialogue comparing Book1 with Book2. Then another one for use of metaphors or whatever - basically you go through it like that. Not meaning to sound overwhelmingly negative, but it's more or less impossible to find yourself lacking words in an English EE! Or anything to do with English, ahah. I think it sounds like perhaps your title is at fault - are you asking yourself a question?

Either way, you definitely shouldn't have a title which doesn't allow you to explore differences as well as similarities - and remember, the EE is an argument, it's not a narrative. The book 1 then book 2 format doesn't sound right to me, you ought to be constantly casting the books against each other to make your case.

How to Write a Comparative Literature Essay

Thank you for your reply I guess it would help if I posted my title. This is what I am writing about:. And what I mostly talk about is how they are each born inherently weak characters in their respective societies Alice as a child in an adult world, Clara as a woman in a male-dominated world and how they utilize a relative reality provided by the author for Alice- language governs the relative reality, for Clara- she has magical powers to transcend the natural barrier and become powerful in some way.

My first part of the essay talks about Alice and the second part talks about Clara, and then I talked about how they similarly transcended their barriers. That sounds like quite an interesting question! But what I would say is that it's not really a good EE question. One good place to start is to turn it into more of a research question as opposed to simply an analytical question after all, the EE is a research paper, supposedly , so you actually have a proper line of argument rather than just a description of 'how'.

Easily done, make it into a what extent question. Now you can look at what you had before how relative realities DO allow them to become powerful but also the degree to which it is those relative realities that make them powerful what about other things in the novels, do they also help make them powerful?

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For instance, do the relative realities also in some ways render them power less? I've not read the books but I imagine that perhaps being detached from the reality the other characters occupy might also create some disconnections which reduce the power. And throughout pull out similarities and contrasts between the two.