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We did a lot of work on empathy building, but when I went to the literature to find out why I was surprised by how little there actually is on the topic. Furthermore, almost none of the literature I encountered discussed gender differences in empathy and offending in tandem. I saw an opportunity to fill a gap in existing literature and was lucky enough to have the data to do so.

In addition to further supporting empathy-enhancement rehabilitation programs like anger management , I hope this research illustrates the danger of reifying gender roles. Are you building on the same research for your dissertation, or moving in a different direction? For my PhD, I hope to explore how sex-segregated peer groups in adolescence predict crime across the life course.


Thesis, loled : Hybrid muscle cars would be great if anybody bought such a thing. The desire to win the EcoCAR 3 competition — an automotive engineering competition sponsored by the Department of Energy and General Motors — and to prove the feasibility of a hybrid muscle car. I was part of a UW team with more than 50 members, competing against 15 other schools. The goal of the four-year competition is to convert a Camaro into a series hybrid and add other innovative technologies.

It is advisable to enter the "ma" both ways because of spacing variations. Some departments do not have an official thesis but instead require a major paper or report. These papers and reports are not in Davis Library or, for the most part, in the North Carolina Collection or the Libraries' online catalog. Some departments and departmental libraries have online lists. Contact the department, or, if there is one, the departmental library for information. Environmental Sciences and Engineering Master's level students in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering can opt for one of four tracks: a Master of Science degree, which requires a thesis; and the Master of Science in Public Health, Master of Public Health, and Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, which require a technical report.

Theses are uploaded as digital copies to the Graduate School, and technical reports are uploaded to the Carolina Digital Repository.

Finding Undergraduate Honors Theses. They can be found using the card catalog located in that collection or the online catalog. They do not have subject headings unless they are about North Carolina. They do not circulate. Some departmental libraries also have copies but these are also non-circulating.

To determine if a copy of an honors thesis can be obtained, contact the North Carolina Collection.

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Electronic Submission of Senior Honors Theses:. Beginning in Fall , students will no longer submit paper copies of their senior honors theses for archiving in the North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library. Submissions are due by the last day of class in the semester in which students complete their theses.

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The University Library will catalog electronic theses and make them available to the public. Do a keyword search for "honors essay" with quotation marks and then limit your search results to "North Carolina Collection" using the "Location" category in the left-hand column.

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Experimental Psychology. Thesis Front Matter sample Thesis Type The thesis will take the following form: Research Thesis: Student designs, conducts, and reports findings from qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research projects. Thesis Phases Thesis projects, formats, and credit requirements are specific to the student's area of study. Make all final revisions and prepare one final manuscript according to the following guidelines. The manuscript should be double-spaced in Times New Roman, point font. The left margin should be 1.

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All other margins top, right, and bottom should be 1". Page numbers should be placed in a header: top right, 0. Front matter should be prepared. The chair will review the formatting and alert student to any necessary changes.

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Once the manuscript has been approved by the chair, the student will: Submit one final electronic copy to the chair that will become part of the academic division's digital thesis archive.