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The cover letter examples below will help you create your own excellent…. A great cover letter is an essential part of getting your resume read by a hiring manager. To craft a professional, unique cover letter, check out these tips and the accompanying personal care assistant cover letter example. Do not highlight what you expect to gain by working for a company.

A hiring manager is trying to find an employee who brings something important to the table, so focus on that instead. Do tell a story about your background in your cover letter. If some pivotal moment in your life led you to become a personal care assistant, mention that along with your relevant skills.

Do not send a lengthy tome. Long cover letters often are not read, so stick to around words instead. Do be open to non-standard formats. When every cover letter looks the same, potential employees start blending together. With a tweak to the standard format, your cover letter will stand out. With the cover letter examples below as a…. While a cover letter can feel like an old-fashioned aspect of applying for a job, it is still the best way to get your resume read.

With the following tips and a personal trainer cover letter example, you will be equipped to create your own professional cover letter. Do not be overly formal in your cover letter text. Using flowery language and formalities looks canned and robotic. Do think of ways to make your cover letter customized and personal. Before sending your cover letter, check for spelling errors and awkward wording. Do highlight skills and experience that are specifically asked for in the job description. This makes you look like a good fit for the position and gets your resume read.

Do not add fluff to make your cover letter longer. Filler is boring and unprofessional. Personal Trainer Advice Looking to get a job as a personal trainer? Use these pre-written cover letter examples as a guide, and then adjust as needed to personalize your cover…. Order now.

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Cover Letter Examples. Create My Cover Letter. Caregivers Companions Cover Letter Examples When it comes to making a good first impression on the hiring manager, your cover letter is an important tool. Yoga Instructor Cover Letter Examples An engaging cover letter can make an impressive first impression on hiring managers, increasing your chances of landing an interview and getting hired.

Quality Assurance Cover Letter Examples Much like an advertising company develops product or company brands for maximum marketing impact, a well-written cover letter establishes your personal brand in a way that can impress potential employers. Wellness Activities Assistant Cover Letter Examples Though a well-crafted resume can help you secure an interview, you must first persuade a hiring manager to read through it.

Wellness Caregiver Cover Letter Examples Your cover letter is how you encourage a hiring manager to read your resume. Gymnastics Instructor Cover Letter Examples By highlighting your skills and experiences in the context of a specific position, a well-written cover letter can market you as an ideal candidate and help you land interviews. Personal Care Assistant Cover Letter Examples A great cover letter is an essential part of getting your resume read by a hiring manager.

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Cover Letter. Lab Report. Capstone Project. Personal Statement Help. Annotated Bibliography. College Papers For Sale. PowerPoint Presentation. Article Writing. Grant Proposal. Literature Review. Creative Writing. The great aspect of this letter is that the writer presents herself as confident and knowing herself thoroughly. AAM, I wish you could analyze all of our cover letters! Like I said, I feel like mine have personality, but still come off a bit formal.

Of course, my personality is fairly formal and professional, even in my social life. Awesome, thanks for posting! So relax. I did not like that coverletter at all. Pretty unprofessional in my opinion. Let your skills speak for themselves! You can always find someone who disagrees with anything, of course, but the vast, vast majority of hiring managers are thrilled when they get a letter like this. This was fluent and eloquent, with assurance and style that suggested a high level of writing skill in various situations. Someone out there is doing people a disservice by not teaching writing better.

But really? Does anybody buy that at all nowadays…unfortunately comes off cheesy..

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It worked for her, so Yay! The reasons I wrote this letter in this style had a lot to do with the way the ad was written. But I had a feeling that he was looking for someone not afraid to show confidence — and I was right.

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Very interesting letter you wrote, Rebecca. Overall, it is a friendly and compelling cover letter. I like it. And yes, it goes against the grain, but in a good way. It is great to see that there are real people reading cover letters who appreciate a less formal approach.

Sounds better than micromanaging! Sometimes it was more like herding cats than cattle! Wow, that was… completely opposite to what I tend to write for my cover letters. Something one could realistically claim as their own even if they are only good enough, not perfect. I so glad you posted this Allison. Personally when I write cover letters I worry about coming across as boastful, so I fear writing a letter like this, which is probably to my detriment because I tone down my accomplishments. A great demonstration that personality and pride in your work do have a place in a cover letter, especially when done well.

Personalizing cover letters really does work! Of course, it depends on the company and the type of position, but this author obviously tailored her letter to fit both. Reading this cover letter made it seem like the author was speaking to me, I loved it. Definitely and inspiration! I am so thankful to all of you for all the kind comments.

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My field is marketing communications and I was replying to an ad looking for someone who could write compelling copy. Do you think they wanted to see something standard? Regardless, I encourage you to find your own voice for whatever your field is. Mechanical, rote letters are never good.

Caregiver Cover Letter

And a big thank you to Alison for sharing my letter. Yeah, this would be laughed at in my field. While I agree that good writing is about readability, flow and coherency, the informal tone would not be respected. No substance? In any case, it got her the job, which is the goal. Sometimes your cover letter can work for you and other times it works against you. However, this particular letter, although professionally written, is a bit too personal, and says a lot about the applicant who, as a recruiter, I would not hire if I came across this letter. But, it worked for her and for the company.

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Not the style of the letter, not the actual info in it… just to have the job and the letter match as well as the environment if possible. I probably could not use that format myself because with my handwriting it would get too long, but what I love is that :. She KNEW the environment. So congratulations of understanding the ad and the environment so well Rebecca.

I hope I can do the same next time I have to send a cover letter. ITA with this! I think the lesson here is that you can take risks with your cover letter, but make sure it is an informed, calculated risk. In part, Rebecca was responding to the tone of the job posting. But, that said, even if it had been a more generic job posting, this type of letter is in general much more effective the standard, generic letters most people send.

No wonder I never get interview offers except from crappy fake marketing jobs or to sell insurance. Is it actually a good approach to be this wordy? Would a cover letter like this work going through an application system, or through recruiters? It probably depends on the type of job and the type of recruiter. At the staffing company where I currently work, cover letters are totally irrelevant.

It might be different elsewhere. I was recently managing a search that used an online application system. I was horrified by how few people included a cover letter, even though it was specifically requested, and how bad the ones that were included were. If someone had sent a personalized cover letter through that system, unless they were wildly unqualified they would have immediately moved to the top of the list for a phone interview.

One poster was posting dozens of times with, in some cases, outright nasty comments. I removed them. I feel like a letter like this would only fuel those kind of stereotypes that I think hurt my generation. Please speak to whether or not this cover letter format is appropriate for younger job seekers. Pingback: An Eventful Week … and then some!

And huge thanks to Rebecca for letting me post such a great example of a cover letter and dealing with having it picked apart. My blog has a section on Writing Exercises. People — writing does not have to be stilted and sound like a robot wrote it. Open up and let your personality shine through!

I have a decent work experience to be honest but when I get to the part of a cover letter about University status, I feel quite inadequate. Your blog is a big big help! Or in a resume for that matter. I see now. Oh one last question. How long should a cover letter be? I know it usually says keep it to one page but one of the companies I am sending my application to indicated that the more detailed the application is the better. I used this as a springboard for my own cover letter- made it less formal and very personal.

At the interview, the head of the agency said that my cover letter got me the interview, because it really showed how I would fit in their office, and how well I understood the demands of their work. I tend to interview for positions where there are tons of people with very, very similar resumes, and the cover letter is the only way to stand out. Great article — and, better yet, proof to those of us in the liberal arts fields that jobs can still be found… we just need to use our creativity to separate ourselves from the masses.

Thank you for sharing this! Thanks so so much for posting this. Just reading it once gave me so many inspirational ideas on how to fix my cover letter. This is a refreshing read and a style that should definitely be utilized more often. You want to avoid going over one page, but this fits fine on one page with room to spare in 12 point font, not some crazily small font. Thank you so much for the lightning-fast response.

My field is beauty editorial, which should be lenient with how creative the cover letter can be, but I have submitted to 10 jobs that I am more than qualified for, and have heard back from none. Back to the drawing board. Pingback: Write Better Cover Letters. I can understand why the writer chose an informal tone given the nature of the employer. So much of it seems like puffery without any proof. Let me list some for you. I work really hard and all my clients like me. Here are some examples reiterated from my resume.

I had to do work at my old job, but I enjoyed it because I am diligent. Here, have another joke! Every candidate would say the exact same thing about themselves if given the chance, and hiring professionals should know as much. She just SAYS she has them—over and over again—while occasionally restating job duties that should already be in her resume. The only real evidence of her ability to work hard is the fact that she wrote a really long letter. What meaningful information does it add? Again, taking away the little joke at the end and the one line about articulating a distinct voice, the only thing I got out of this letter was that author is really good at baseless self-aggrandizement.

Unless a cover letter conveys something more substantive, it seems borderline unjust to base a hiring decision on something so arbitrary. I guess an elaborate cover letter can indicate that an applicant actually wants the job, but since when did the ability to convey eagerness become a meaningful measure of anything? No one is hiring anyone based on a cover letter alone. But people do get interviews that way. What this letter does is come across as engaged, enthusiastic, interesting, smart, and compelling. She stands out as someone interesting and worth talking with.

No information is being conveyed. You might as well have each candidate write you a poem for all the good it would do. If HR folks actually care whether applicants have the soft skills you mention, they should be more thorough in screening for them. I think you lack a fundamental understanding of how hiring works and what employers are looking for, and why something like this would stand out in a sea of things that are very much not like this. So what you are saying is, recruiters hunt for cover letters that screams all over saying, I am unemployed please help me.

So that they can hire them for lesser salary, and since by that time the poor unemployed people would be working like slaves, the recruiters would show these examples as their greatest achivements. Shame on recruiters. That is behaving like a Raven but only in this case, you ravens eat flesh even before they are dead. Slavery never ended in my opinion.

Was this really necessary? The rest of the writing clearly shows she has confidence in her ability. Yes, it comes off as a little pompous, but it was in keeping with the tone of the ad as well. I will be graduating this May and I needed a great cover letter. When I read the one posted here I loved it, and formed mine close to the one posted here.

The problem my teacher did not. When I turned in my cover letter she said it was to long and it needed a lot of work to look professional. I give up… she was in Human Resource before she started teaching and at thos point I dont have any idea what a Human Resource Manager would consider a great cover letter.

You can always find someone who will disagree with something; you need to judge your sources and decide accordingly. Thank you for your kind words however, I rewrote the letter to look like everyone elses for a better grade. Its boring and it doesnt stand out among my fellow students but at this point its all about the grade. While this letter was unique, it smacked of presumption and it was much too long. A hiring manager in a busy and competitive work environment might rather see a cover letter that sells well in under four paragraphs and with much less use of the first person singular.

Wow, I disagree. I wish I could break this down and explain exactly why it works, but — to me, at least — explaining why good writing works is sort of like trying to explain why a piece of music works. It just … does. Having been in HR for over 20 years the example of a cover letter you have provided would be beneficial for a sales position only. Why do people assume we, HR employees who are the first to read your cover letters, want to waste our time reading a fluffed up letter of what someone thinks they can do to make our company better. You are very wrong.

We want you to present the facts, your skills and accomplishments, clear cut. Um, guess what — it worked for a non-sales position and there are lots of hiring managers here who liked it to. She sounded a little too cocky. As an HR manager, I would be skeptical of her cockiness getting in the way of team work. I think it is important to point out or strengths but not be cocky about it.

Personally and professionally, this cover letter set a tone that was not appealing to me. Over doing it does not draw in attention either my friends. I just wanted to say that I re-did my entire cover letter based on this style and got a bite within a day of applying for a program associate position. She told me it caught her eye and she felt like she could go grab a coffee with me. I congratulate the writer for getting the attention of the hiring manager and, best of all, for winning the job.

There is a position that I would really like to learn more about, and am preparing for the application process. When I compose my cover letter, I am going to just keep it real, in a professional manner, and see what happens. And thank you to Rebecca for getting this conversation started.