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Even though some of the other planets in our solar system like Uranus and Neptune have rings around them, they are too feeble to be picked up easily, and not as majestic as Saturn. That is not the case with the Rings of Saturn as the main ring spans , kilometers in width and have a thickness of about 10 meters. Some areas of the rings also have a thickness of 1 kilometer. The rings stay proud and visible around the planet, giving it a unique look that no other planet possess.

So many that if we were to count the individual rings, there would be more than a thousand.

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Galileo was the first person to observe the rings of Saturn through his telescope in the year However, as time progressed, we got better images of Saturn rings with better satellites. Voyager One and Voyager Two helped us see the many rings that make up the disk.

Research finds rings of Saturn are dying | EurekAlert! Science News

The most detailed images were sent by Cassini in , which helped the researchers to group them with more accuracy. To easily identify the rings of Saturn, astronomers made them into seven groups.

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  8. Here, The A, B and C rings are the easiest to identify while the D, E, F, and G Rings are fainter and cannot be identified without a sufficiently magnified image or a powerful telescope. Note: Between these rings, there are also stand gaps which are named and categorized into the Maxwell gap, Colombo Gap, Bond Gap, and more. Hence, the Rings of Saturn is composed of many clusters of rings and gaps.

    Other theories claimed that the rings were formed by meteorites that got caught and crushed in the gravitational field of Saturn. However, these theories fail to explain one thing. The paper states that the Rings of Saturn were formed when Saturn absorbed one of its moons. Alexander G. Hayes, Astronomy, refers to Titan as his first research love.

    On it was a giant radar swath taken of the moon in July Like Earth, Titan has lakes and seas. Like Earth, Titan has dunes.

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    Only the dunes are made of particles that are more like plastic than they are silicate sand. Like Earth, Titan has rain. Only the rain is made of methane and ethane, and it slowly falls from the sky in droplets much larger than we are used to here on Earth. Like Earth, Titan has rocks. Only the rocks are made of ice and organic solids.

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    In a surprising discovery, Cornell research associate Marco Mastrogiuseppe analyzed radar measurements that indicated the lakes are extremely transparent to microwave radation. In comparison, that same radar energy can see through only a millimeter of liquid water on Earth. The next several years of the Cassini mission are shaping up to be some of the most dramatic and exciting of the entire mission.

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